Atticus the Baron


Atticus, a baron and powerful mage, asks the players to find and kill a group of necromancers who are raising the dead and potentially kidnapping citizens in the town.


Atticus contacts the adventurers through his right-hand man, Balthazar and informs them to come to his castle, located in the village Deepwald. There, the party meets face to face with Atticus. Atticus tells the group that there have been three reports of necromancers raising the dead in Deepwald’s graveyard, and asks them to find and kill the necromancers. Atticus promises to pay 400gp to each player if they can kill the necromancers without attracting any attention but will pay them 200gp each if they attract too much attention, as he wants to keep the matter hidden as to not cause panic.

The party sooner or later encounters the necromancers who all fight to the death and reveal no information, as they fear punishment from their masters far more than anything the group can do to them. They return to Atticus who pays them accordingly. Atticus asks to hire them for another problem.


- The players will be contacted by Balthazar when they reach a high enough level to do the quest.

Atticus the Baron

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